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Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house The creatures were stirring – yes even the mouse The stockings were no longer hung with great care There were signs all around that St. Nick had been there The presents were opened and scattered about The ribbon and boxes to the garbage went out The train set had circle its last time around The loud engine horn no longer to sound The baby doll wet its last diaper too As mom consoled little sister Sue The turkey’d been ate from the old turkey plate And everyone’s tummy oh my how they ached
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Unformatted text preview: The tree no more glistened with the bright shiny lights The guests had all left and pledged one more diet Could there be something left under the tree over there I think the old St. Nick wanted us to share Now Harper, now Jack, now Olive yoohoo Kale, Evan, Amelia and Madison too It’s time for the silly old poem to end The presents are yours – so go dig in Now this ends the poem of the great cheery delight Happy New Year to All and to All A Good Night!...
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