Fall 2010 AGLS 101 Final Review

Fall 2010 AGLS 101 Final Review - AGLS 101 Fall 2010 Final...

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Test Format will be multiple choice and true/false. Things to Remember: Gray Scantron (large 8 ½ x 11) Pencil Exam covers the following topics: Who’s Who in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences o Dr. Mark Hussey, Vice Chancellor and Dean o Dr. Alan Sams, Executive Associate Dean o Dr. Ann Kenimer, Associate Dean-Academic Issues o Dr. David Reed, Associate Dean-Graduate School o Dr. Chris Skaggs, Associate Dean-Scholarships/COALS Council o Dr. Danielle Harris, Assistant Dean-FLE and Recruitment o 5700 Undergraduate Students in the College o 31 Majors in the College o Congressional Internships (last year 44 students participated) o Morrill Act of 1862 - established land grant colleges - TAMU is a land grant college which started in 1876 o Hatch Act of 1887 – established experiment stations (research) at land grant colleges o Smith-Lever Act of 1914 – established Extension Service (outreach)to provide information to public, today known as Texas AgriLife Extension o Scholarships Available 10/15/2010 and Due 2/1/2011 o Aggie Ring, 90 completed undergraduate hours with 45 resident hours at TAMU Study Strategies o Kathleen Speed was guest speaker o Importance of note taking Only retain 30% of what you heard at the end of the day Record in notes to remember 4 weeks from now o Textbook reading Turn every heading into a question, and then read to answer the question. o Rule of thumb, for every hour in class, 2-3 hours outside of class should be spent studying. o Quality of time spent studying is more important than quantity. o Steps to Time Management 1.) Chaos, 2.) Stability-live by a calendar, 3.) Flexibility-know when you can study, 4.) Mastery- Develop a “fixed commitment” calendar o You should have a 5 day study plan for every test to remove stress from studying. Study approximately 2 hours each night
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2011 for the course AGLS 101 taught by Professor Dr.joe during the Fall '07 term at Texas A&M.

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Fall 2010 AGLS 101 Final Review - AGLS 101 Fall 2010 Final...

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