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EXAM I REVIEW SHEET FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS Chapters 1-6 Midterm exam format: 40 multiple choice questions – test value 20 points Make sure you bring an 882-E(green) scantron and a No 2 pencil Chapter 1 – introduction Define health and know the dimensions of wellness Chapter 2 – Stress and Psychological Health Define stress, eustress, and distress The physiological response to stress Review the 9 general tips that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle Differentiate between the eating disorders. What are some causes of eating disorders? Chapter 3 – Personal Fitness Know the benefits of and how to improve cardiovascular exercise/fitness Know the benefits of muscular fitness Know the different aspects that define aerobic exercise FITT formula Define overload, adaptation, specificity, individualization, reversibility, balance Define muscular strength/endurance Know what DOMS is Chapter 4 – lifestyle choices and hypokinetic conditions What is cardiovascular disease: risk factors include? Know the difference between the Hypokinetic conditions (osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis,
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