Exam 2 Review - What are considered stimulants Know the...

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Health and Fitness Review for Lecture Exam II 15 points Bring Scantron- 882 E and pencil Chapter 7 – Relationships What are the elements of a healthy relationship? How do you reduce your risk for date rape? Identify the differences between males and females and how these differences relate to communication Recognize the warnings signs of an unhealthy relationship Chapter 8 – Sexuality What to know about STI”s : means of transmission, viral versus bacterial, cure or no cure, which ones are fatal, stages of progression(syphilis), symptomatic or asymptomatic Know how to protect oneself from STI’s and pregnancy Be familiar with the different types of birth control Pregnancy: what the signs? When are major organs formed by? What is the normal length of pregnancy? Chapter 9 – Drugs What constitutes one alcoholic drink? Know the definition of binge drinking for men and women How does the body eliminate alcohol? What affects Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)?
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Unformatted text preview: What are considered stimulants? Know the different types of tobacco. Chapter 10 – safety awareness Define safety, risk accident and hazard Know the leading causes of accidental death and who’s at greatest risk Be familiar with the elements that need to be present for a crime to take place Know how to maximize your safety Know the difference between passive and active resistance Be familiar with the stats related to rape: % unreported, % who knew their attacker Chapter 11 – Diseases Know the difference between communicable and non-communicable diseases Which diseases are communicable? Which diseases are non-communicable? How are the diseases transmitted? Which organs are affected? What is the leading cause of death in the US? Second leading cause? Chapter 12- choices in health care today What is CAM? What are the five domains of CAM? Know the related practices of each. What are the 8 easy steps to meditation?...
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Exam 2 Review - What are considered stimulants Know the...

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