Italian 230 11.29 - about corruption in Italian with the...

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Italian 230 11/29 Berlusconi - 5 Children - born Sept. 29, 1936 - owns television station, AC Milan, finance groups, production studios, editoria, edilizia - 1994, became prime minister - terzo politico italiano per durata complessiva al governo Moretti - director - 1993 (popular in late 80s - 90s) - Di Pietre – Mani Pulite (clean hands)
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Unformatted text preview: about corruption in Italian with the Democratic Chrisitan party. They DC and PSI disappear-Forza Italia, Alleanza NAzionale, Lege Nord o Berlusconi fonda Forza Italia-Berlusconi studied how to present himself and what to say, imitated American presidents-Rome was the image of corruption in Italy...
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