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Italian 230 11.11 - -La famiglia was protected when you...

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Italian 230 11/11 Focus on for exam: - Fascism - Resistenza - Economic boom - L’storia - Femminism - Neorealismo - Carosello **Be more specific, say what, where, and when Femminismo in Italia - vogliamo anche le rose – an Italian film about marriage, femmisnism - the constitution has articles stating the quality but Articles 29, 30, and 31 are about the woman being inferior in the family Collettivo: personale – politica - divorcio, aborto (used to be illegal) - Italians really wanted to discuss these issues - A pregnant woman is protected
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Unformatted text preview: -La famiglia was protected when you were pregnant/had a newborn-You could stay home for a long time after you had your child-1980: teoria, Italian women philosophers, looked at things around the world-Adrianna Cavarero, created a group called Diotima, had an Italian woman’s bookstore in Milan-Non credere di avere dei diriffi-Velina = un modello for girls to grow into a woman o Very beautiful, sexy. Perfect match is the velina and a soccer store...
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