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Italian 230 11.08 - It was a protest against authority-they...

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Italian 230 11/08 Carosello: - calimero (chicks) – protagionists in some ads - ava come lava - signorine Buonasera , she would inform people of the news - Televisione di modello - 1954- 1956, il presidente della RAI became Catholic - Carosello e varieta: Canzionissima (“most song”) - 1958: 12% owned TVs - 1965: 41% owned TVs - 1971: 82% owned TVs - 1975: 89% owned TVs - iscrazioni, enrollment in the university - 1968: revolts and protests with the youth of universities.
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Unformatted text preview: It was a protest against authority-they took over the university area and made it impossible to have regular schedules-1968: femminismo emerged o fought for equal wages, equal voting rights, divorce rules, constitution reform-In the 1970s it was illegal to be a male homosexual-It wasn’t even an idea that women can be homosexual-U.D.I, a club for leftist Italian women...
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