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Italian 230 11/03 What is the economic miracle? - the economic boom - Plano Marshall, when U.S. gave money to save Europe after WWII - Casa per mezzo giorno – funds for the South but not utilized, ended up being a disaster - Electrodomestiche were huge in the North, so was the typewriter market - Employment in the North so people in the South moved there - Piccolo borgheise italiano - RAI is the national Italian channel - Television was popular at the end of the 1950s. But there was a lot of censorship
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Unformatted text preview: and control-Programi di giochi (ex: Jeopardy) and programi di varieta (ex: singing, dancing, entertainment) are very popular-Lascia o raddoppia (Double of nothing) = very popular show-You still read the newspaper if you didnt have a tv-Carosell 8:45 9:00 every nigh, one chunk of commercials, 3 min short film that tells a short story, usually cartoons, geared toward family, you read to your kids and put them to bed after carosello...
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