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Italian 230 11/1 Ladri di Bicciclette: - deals with unemployment in Rome/Italy - actore are all real people - pegno (like a pawn shop) - his bike isn’t really broken, it is at the pawn shop - this is not a happy film, no happy ending - poverty is shown throughout (especially in the Church) - they got to a restaurant napoleatano - the child is more mature than his dad, it his an interesting relationship - Rita Hayword, an American actress on all of the posters that he was putting up, shows the presence of America - They talk about going to the movies in the truck too - Movies were important Novecento: - a film that showcases two different levels of society - miracolo boom - funds for Europe given by America at the end of WWII, Marshall Plan - America symbolizes the end of fascism to Italians - Election 1946 - Different parties: D.C, PCI, PSI - Tasso sconto – low rates in the Italian bank
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Unformatted text preview: -When you have a lot of unemployment then you have basso costo del lavoro-Difference in North and South economically. There was an enormous boom from 1958 – 1962 but only in the North because they were an industrial area-Italian factory workers are paid less than other factory workers and therefore Italian products cost less.-Eletrodomestici = appliances, Italy became very good at producing these because of the boom they needed to build a lot more to create a modern society-Funds for the South, these should have worked to build streets, dams, aquaducts, etc. but in reality 1/3 was wasted on politics, etc.-First Italy produces appliances and exports them and then they become the consumer-Children from the South would come and work in the North...
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