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Italina 230 10/25 Neorealism - 1944 – 1952 - Nome importante: Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica, Visconti - Roma, Citta Aperta (Rossellini, 1945) – il primo film di neorealismo - “new” realism new wave of realism in art at the end of WWII - Verga verismo (ha scritto della realita della Sicilia) - L’Storia linguistica e importante. Non usano di aletti, usano italiano - Gli attori protagonisti were normally not professional actore, just regular people. They wanted it to be true and real. Magnani and Fabrizi were very famous, but
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Unformatted text preview: they were really the only people.-Usually the films tried to be truthful but sometimes the used sets, film tricks, etc.-Il ladri di biciletti is an important film, exactly neorealismo -La comedia italiana, talked about the realities but ended well-Cristo si e fermato a eboli, it is about his experience in Eboli. He reflects on Christ and Christians. They have not found him in Eboli.-Cristiano is just a man. We are all men or below men. o “They do not consider us a human beings”...
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