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Italian 230 10.18 - -constenso something in the...

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Italian 230 10/18 Homework for Thursday: - pick one of the letters that means something to you - bella ciao - Christo e fermato a Eboli - 1890: positivismo progress is good and positive - reazione al positivismo e istiato - socialismo, Mussolini was a young socialist - Mussolini e fautore per la Guerra - Class struggle is at the center of socialism - 1919: Fascism began - Fasci di combattimento - Fasco = bundle o Symbol was a bundle because it showed unity - 1922: La marcha sul Roma. Government without elections. Mussolini became the prime minister. - There were many strikes - The Organizer = film about the union head who organized strikes - Le squadre = team, they helped make sure everything was under control - 1922 – 1925: e un periodo di compromesso - 1925 – 1929:Dittatura – Stato Nuovo - Gaicomo Matteotti: il capo di Socialista, he held lots of discussions against Fascism. He was kidnapped and found killed. - 1925: un discorso con Mussolini - depotenziare = taking power away from the Fascist party
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Unformatted text preview: -constenso, something in the government-1929: Concordato a document that aligns the Catholic Church with Fascist government. They approve of him (Mussolini) and the Italian people approve of him-1929 – 1936: L’economia e stabile. Mussolini invested a lot in the agriculture in the South and pushed Palude-Pubblicita delle opere e fattore fascita-Had lots of news reels of his successes-Retorica del gesto , bust of the body-Showed Mussolini in a plane, bike, horse, etc.-1929 – 1936: was a stable time in Italy-Bonifiche, diminazione emigrazione, economia stabile-1936 – 1943: War with Ethiopia and WWII-joined forces with Germany-1943 – 1945: Period of Republic of Salo-Resistenza della Guerra civile-1946: The first election for the Republic-people would hide out in the mountains in the North-le donne e le bambine sono staffetta (relay)...
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