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Italian 230 12/08 Summary of Lejma e Tarib, Storie di due Immigrati - Che lavoro fa? He works at a factory (una fabbrica) - Pregiudizi? Nova cinema, biblioteca, etc. Immigrants couldn’t do anything intellectual with the arts or in society. They were confined to work and their homes. - Il manifesto/l’unita? Legge questi giornale. He can only read il manifesto because it is in his language and is from his region. He has only been able to read l’unita one time. Both talk about politics and opposition to the current political party. L’unita is a communist paper. - Cronaca? ‘Cronaca rossa’ or ‘cronaca nero’. It is a list of things to do or going on. Cronaca rossa is a list of who got married, who is having a baby, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: -Storia: capo? Nome storpiato, he teaches the boss how to say his name since he is always saying it wrong.-Io… fortunato? Perche? – He’s thankful because he has a job. He feels like he is the lucky one.-Tutelato? Proteggere. He does not feel protected or taken care of.-Cucina? He is close to the two neighbors and they trade recipes and foods with each other. They are available at night for each other. This is important because he has someone and dinner is a social event. -Chi e? Da dove viene? His name is Lejma and he immigrates to Marghera from Sengal. Italy is hostile, people feel that they are against people...
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