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Italian 230 12/06 Themes for exam 3: Argomenti da studiare/ripassare: 1968 Lotta studentesca ed operaia Emigrazione Terrorismo Brigate Rosse Aldo Moro Mafia Sistema politico anni Ottanta-Novanta Mani pulite Tangentopoli Era Berlusconi Silvio Berlusconi Mass media nell'era Berlusconi (soprattutto televisione) Immigrazione ed identita oggi Cultura e letteratura della migrazione Migrazione, leaving Italy - lots of Italians left Italy for North America - there were waves of immigration - in 1980’s – 90’s there were political, social, and economic issues around immigration - lots of legal issues, especially with work
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Unformatted text preview: -it changed though, Italy is now a melting pot-directors and authors were born in Italy and experienced this movement so they wrote/filmed it-many people wrote about this but they weren’t really writers, they only wrote one book-Gabriella Ghermandi – dad is Italian, mother is Ethiopian. Thinks of herself as a bridge between Italy and Ethiopia. Wrote a lot about immigration. In one of her books the protagonist will not eat sausage but during ferragosto she does.-Regina di Fiori e di perle-Cantora – tells the story through song...
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