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Italian 230 12/1 Fiorentino Fiorella – two parts to his show, the first is going out on and interviewing people, then he does parodies, stand up, etc. Silvio Ballestra - gli anni -90 - Berlusconi developed a strong model for the country based off of America - Soap operas became very important - Il canale di Rosa - The story of Ballestra takes place in a small town and they are afraid to leave their homes because they think there is a killer. The woman can’t keep all of her
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Unformatted text preview: realities/fantasies straight. Exam 3 Reader: Silvia Ballestra, "Nonna F. ..." Maher, Immigration and Social Identities Lejma Bouei, Testimonianza Film: Marco Tullio Giordana: La meglio gioventu' Moretti: Isole (da Caro diario) You Tube: Berlusconi Story (un documentario fatto dalla BBC) Alexander Stille su Berlusconi (in italiano o in inglese) Videocracy (trailer del film e/o intervista a Gandini, regista del film)...
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