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11/16/11 What is the relationship between ethics and law? Effects of moralizing law and legalizing ethics Addressing contradictions of coming across things that are unethical but legal o Ex: pharmacist denying rape victim of anti-contraception medication Social/objective character of law Individual/subjective character of ethics o Still distinction between ethics and morals; ethics is not simply individual/subjective o Something we can use to arrive at the conclusion that an action or behavior is good or bad Law presupposes society- law assumes the existence of society; law would not be necessary in the absence of society/many people o Constant conflicts in the presence of society Biggest distinction: External character of law, internal character of ethics Natural Law theory Application to humans as humans- law is something which has an important function as individual betterment (ethical) Application to humans in society- legal content (purpose) is designed to deal with a person in
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