ph law ethics 11.30

ph law ethics 11.30 - o Goal is to stay as close to...

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11/30/11 **FINAL EXAM during regular class hours Answer 4 out of 5 questions; one question will refer to a case study o Case study similar to patterns from class; addressing series of questions o Other 4 questions same format as midterm (quotation, orientation/context, question) All readings after midterm included Include a reasonable, logically developed argument Health Promotion: Education or Indoctrination Public health trajectory always operates between a level of education and coercion
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Unformatted text preview: o Goal is to stay as close to education as possible; extreme circumstances can lead to coercion Buchanans basic question- does not define what better living is; not clear whether he means morally or physically o Very skeptical of scientific research; suggests that exclusively using scientific research without ethics is useless Argues that science is the most reliable tool, but fails regarding the issue of causation o Often reaches an obstacle when trying to say that X causes Y...
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