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Islam and Democracy 9/29/11 Qur’an- text is not meant to be analyzed, just followed o Scholars have found evidence of text in the Qur’an that supports democracy Mujtahid- Shiite cleric Ijtihad- applying own knowledge, “exerting oneself”; form of rational analysis Hadith- proven sayings of Prophet Mohammad; from verb ha da tha (to speak) Film- “Forget Baghdad” about Jews in Iraq in 1940s and Farhud o What changed relations between Muslims and Jews in Iraq? Nationalism (Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Jews) after British entered Iraq Believed the way to get rid of British colonialism was to promote Arab
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Unformatted text preview: nationalism Conflict does not seem to be on social level, but between political groups Nazis were giving money to Iraqi youth group, in order to disrupt British supplies • Bernard Lewis- believes that Islamic fanaticism caused Islam to spread so rapidly, but also led to much of its downfall; no respect for the non-Muslim o “abode of Islam”- whoever follows Islam o “abode of war”- the rest of the world o Communal mind- applying a uniform methodology to understand a certain group of people...
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