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Islam Dem 11.10 - But women were confined to private sphere...

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Islam Dem 11/10/11 Cultural signifier- an image, thought, visual/verbal construct that boils down to an essence Women have become cultural signifiers in that they are central to a larger struggle among political elites Social psychology- Mernissi: fear factor in changing gender relations in Muslim majority countries; males fear they will lose power Some women fear greater equality will damage family structure Khayal - imagination; women’s imagination will allow them to think of new forms of government Liberal governments Quasi-liberal colonial rulers (1918-1950) seemed to give women greater freedoms
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Unformatted text preview: But women were confined to private sphere of society Did not do much to elevate women in society State feminism Military and open party regimes (1950s/1960s) politically manipulated gender Involved mobilizing women to show regimes revolutionary credentials 1980s- regression of womens elevation, with start of many Islamist political groups Many setbacks started to take place; extreme groups often believed women only belonged in home or in partial sector (either education, health, etc.) In last 15-20 years, resurgence of powerful women who voice their concerns...
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