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Islam dem 11.22 - A populist doesn’t follow rules of democracy but is still attached to the gains and wishes of the population No free speech no

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Islam & Democracy 11/22/11 Case studies Algeria- experienced a serious attempt to democratize, which was suppressed o Largest African country, after Sudan split into two regions o About 7 million people; most of population close to the coast (Mediterranean) o About 96% of country is desert o Colonized by France in 1830; French were forced to leave in 1962 Algerians continued to cling to their own culture, and speak their own language Islam allowed them to cling to their culture After French left, about 95% of men and 96% of women were illiterate Revolution against French began in 1952 by FLN ( Front de Liberation Nationale ) One million Algerians killed during revolution Egypt- similar to Algeria; powerful army o Nasser suppressed media, but attached himself to the grassroots Nationalized the Suez Canal, started Egyptian industrialization Became extremely popular within the Arab world
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Unformatted text preview: A populist; doesn’t follow rules of democracy but is still attached to the gains and wishes of the population No free speech, no political parties, no free press; still remained popular o Sadat allowed political activists to start mobilizing Wrote first constitution of Egypt; revised in 1977 Allowed only three political parties (liberal, center, leftist) Bread Riots Put hundreds of intellectuals in jail o Mubarak assured public he would only serve two terms Never appointed a vice-president, and was supposed to leave after 1993 Entitlement- economic benefits/services provided by the government • People are starting to demand democracy because they feel that the central government is corrupt • Syrian government dismisses protestors as “Islamic extremists” Must consider the political economy...
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