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11/17/11 Recent Tunisian elections: 50% of candidates were women Contradiction between women’s rights and national sovereignty? If women gain freedoms, will societies become more western, and cut off from their own traditions? (Islam has very patriarchal structure) Women’s rights vary inversely with the degree of tribal strength o Revenge killings, blood money Charrad- once women and men are forced to deal with each other on a more egalitarian level, there is a “ripple effect” created and other areas are affected o How do you create these changes without upsetting social solidarity? o Issue that affects all societies (ex: American politics being “undermined” by minorities and women) How did Islamism arrive? Social changes took place; tribal groups moving from desert areas to cities created social
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Unformatted text preview: tensions o Tribesmen become peasants, agricultural sector can no longer sustain population and leads to migration from rural to urban areas o Social anomie- the breakdown of relationships between individuals and larger society (precondition for joining social movements) o Peasants are less likely to join the Muslim Brotherhood (or these types of movements) because many are illiterate Muslim Brotherhood is not able to achieve upward mobility o Al-wasta- influence o Difficult to find courses in humanities or social sciences, because they promote freedom and individual thinking Liberal Islamists are drawing younger, urban, and better educated activist who have already been born and raised in urban familiar areas...
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