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Sets and Logic — Fall 2011 due Friday, 9/23/11 Homework #2 / Review for new Midterm #1 1 For each of the following symbols, write down in English what they mean. For example, your answer for could be “implies” or “is a su±cient condition for”. , , , , , ¬ , , , n⊆ , , , \ , P ( A ) . 2 Analyze the logical forms of the following quotes. a. “All you need is ignorance and con²dence and the success is sure.” — Mark Twain. b. “I’ve never met a man I didn’t like” — Will Rogers. c. “For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.” — Hunter S. Thompson. (Don’t worry about translating the “many”.)
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