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groups3 - Enumerafion under ’1’ «HM(3/2 Ruall Hue...

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Unformatted text preview: Enumerafion under ’1’? «HM (3/2) Ruall. Hue general sci-v? From. lag-I» fine. we have a sci X r} objtcfs, ukh a group 6 0‘ ”mm-54s. The 3"“? G ”ad-s“ o'n X. WI. ”MINI-"Y +90 objech 9‘ X H: +hereis a foul: chMUW Hm? rMps on +. flat when This defines an eguiwlcnce Hid-ion (why?) on X by 7 ~ I 3‘ ”y = 35 fir “H.365. 5on0“. we. huvc a err C1 sdw'n on a set a? okjufis X. Wifiouf to“. w. (my Assunc G is K Pirnutokion gravy. 3 ng= The 21‘“ index monomioJ of a foundation 1" 'IS Xf'X:‘-. x5“... uhm cK dudes fie noubu- o-F aides 'm 1r of Lac-”Ha K. Nm 'Hm‘t as (on: u x is Skit-c, he.“ u'vu re». ho. Monomials. Bei- The gycle We: .9 the rev? 6, is +he «an: .4 The cycle. \mw 4- ..LL 'u s damn“. We. dtnofl “11$ 61 2(6). The. ecluivctence classes are fine orbits, mm =ng = 3:63. we wan'l' +0 and in¢1uivd¢n+ objects, or ia o+h¢r words, «His. Orbit-Covntinj Lemma: Svrpose —’— the. group G «is en fin. set X. Then _ 35,5“; = sveraag d Hui po'mh , J. '()| lC-l Ze'a‘hx-j , Mme 331(5) = i “x = 3" "d. Examylv G '-'D~\ So, ‘H'Ie o’de idea: on? D.‘ 'Is: #(X? * 3x} + fovaw). How an m. 19+ «the number .F Z-colorul slum-es ou+ 94‘ 2‘91)? {row-Hts = “my. c-Find points. An «Mat is {and by 3‘6 3; Pas colors are. cash.“ “to“ cydu. Thzrd-orc: a- 2- u lord «Luau- es O «Li-ts aver-vi i filed raid" “ II II 2(9“) \*'.' ‘t=x,:x‘=z ‘7 (2‘5 313+ Z-Z'-z +1.2) : .‘.(u,+ I7.+ H. + '4) u 9" Coun{ina_3r_aph_s Grq'hs on (.4:ch “reins [n]: n 2(‘3 -+r'w'\0.L Grarhs on L-bdlcd vutius U0 +hai- are. Canned-u: Comfl'mokul Summfion V'\o~ M'éHVS invasion in +150. 50." yutition LoHice. Cat-ark; on Mute-Ltd Veréices? Palva “tanking... 3d ue CAD do More. fl 3 has 0. cycle of Law K. +5.". (in o. “and died) u: an haw. it“ It Yo'ud’é (What. or 05le Po'wts Lfled. So 34‘ wt SubsHN-R a (1.5‘)‘ ¢z(c‘~\?)L"5) J'((r a at mm“) s r" +r‘L+ zr‘b'+rb’+b“ The \S +lw. acnmtmgu $Unc'bion 4" Z-uLoreJ $1vucsuby «(Man Unhbdul 3.".th on '1 vertica- The- 3""? 0‘ SJMMdn-ies he”. \5 Sq 5d 00“". prunes uauyles, Ht MM +o KM» obov+ +hg “Hon é +lnis group on ears. The Lye}; index ifis 4504-05“; Tit-(“6" fixhi-r $x§+6ww>l To find 'H'ne share-Haj find-ion hr unlabtld an?!“ on q V£f£3cl§ by H". g 6" “a“, w; ‘NhSHtUH: ‘1': \+i‘ K. 3 ‘ *t“ ““6 w: 39A 1+£+2t‘+3t’+2€‘+e‘+t& Note Han-i ‘l'h'ns fo‘ynomisL is: 0 symmgfific, and (3) uerMudsL- ...
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