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Chapter 4 outline - Chapter 4 Sexualities A Comparing...

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Chapter 4: Sexualities A. Comparing Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors Around the Globe a. US has higher rates of teen pregnancy, STDs, and abortion because of abstinence only sex education classes b. East Asian men and women least sexual c. Differences from one nation to another are related to ideas about gender equality d. Nations where women have less equality with men men and women have less sexual satisfaction d.i. Middle East and East Asia B. Changing Attitudes Toward Sexuality in the US a. 59% of Americans approve or premarital sex b. Playboy assured men that they could be “real” men and not be married b.i. Bachelor lifestyle c. Introduction of the pill-1960s c.i. Led to more premarital sex C. Gender, Orgasm, and Sexual Politics a. Feminists at forefront of women’s right to sexual expression and control of their own bodies b. New forms of public testimony b.i. “rap” groups- discuss their place as women in a society torn by political debates b.ii. Turned private issues into public ones c. Adrienne Rich- first to question the existence of sexual binaries of heterosexuality and homosexuality c.i. Put women in a sexual continuum- one pole included women’s friendships and loving connections to other women, active lesbian sexuality at other pole d. Sexual liberation includes: d.i. access to birth control and safe, legal abortions d.ii. free sexuality including the right to pleasure d.iii. the right to say no to sex d.iv. Sexual option of lesbianism D. Calling, Dating, and Hooking Up a. New form of heterosexual interaction developed in 1970s b. Calling became dating c. Hookups 2x as likely to happen in a guy’s room c.i. Can damage woman’s reputation but add to a man’s d. Women more likely to orgasm if in a relationship e. 2 factors associated in women’s orgasms: e.i. Cunnilingus- oral sex e.ii. Self-stimulation e.ii.1. Discouraged for women f. Problems hooking up poses for men: f.i. Stereotype that men always want sex f.ii. Doesn’t create the best sex in terms of quality or quantity E. The Racial Subtext of the Sexual Double Standard
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a. Racialized and gendered a.i. African Americans seen as hypersexualized a.ii. Black people are animal-like insatiable b. Black men more subject to sexual surveillance and restriction b.i. Punished more harshly F. Sexualized Images of Black Men a. Bigger Thomas image a.i. Connection to sexual violence and myth of black rapist b. Emmett Till b.i. Brutally murdered by 2 white men for whistling at one of their wives b.ii. His death ignited black communities across South- failure of legal system to provide justice c. White women socialized to fear black men c.i.
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