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Chapter 10: Politics, Prison, and the Military 1. Politics and the State a. Expression and the organization of power b. State- social institution that makes laws that uses force when necessary to protect itself and enforce its laws 2. Electoral Politics a. Election playing field dominated by men b. Anchors and news reporters mostly men c. Gendered language d. Voting Rights d.i. 1920- 19 th amendment passed giving women the right to vote d.ii. New Zealand first country to give women suffrage d.iii. Women make up the majority of Americans eligible to vote d.iii.1. Women more likely to register to vote than men d.iii.2. More likely to vote e. The gender gap in voting e.i. Refers to the difference between women and men in their choice of candidates and in their opinions on political issues e.ii.
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Unformatted text preview: Women more likely to favor a more activist role for government e.iii. More often opposed to US military intervention in other countries e.iv. More supportive of programs to guarantee quality health care and meet basic human needs e.v. More supportive of restrictions on firearms More supportive of affirmative action and efforts to achieve racial equality e.vii. More critical of business e.viii. More pessismistic about the performance of the economy e.ix. Less likely to say that they have little confidence in Congress e.x. Less likely to believe that the government wastes many of our tax dollars e.xi. Women more consistent with goals of democratic party e.xii. Race ethnicity alters gender gap f. Women elected officials...
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