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Gendered Worlds Study Guide Ch 5 “Education” Know the following terms: hidden curriculum, gender troublemakers, warrior narratives, bricolage, invisible women, Title IX, No Child Left Behind Act, girl culture, safe havens, gender biased, gender stratified, chilly climate, correspondence principle, gender factory -Your text book argues that in the class room children are perceived as “two groups”. How are these categories treated differently according to the text book? Which group of children is least likely to gain teachers attention? What potential impact does teacher comments about girls appearances have on girls? What classes have been shown to have the most bias? -What difference does differential treatment in schools make? Which group of girls has the lowest drop in self esteem? Which group has the largest drop in self esteem? -What does the text mean by the phrase “gender trouble makers and how is this expressed in education? -What does the text mean when it states that “boys…find that their favorite activities violate the rules of decorum”? What
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