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Intro To Women’s Studies Gendered Worlds Know the following terms: political, the state 360; Nineteenth Amendment, suffrage 361; gender gap 362; threshold 365; incumbents 368; meritocratic, affirmative action, radical remedies, Emily’s List 371; gender equity, quota system, parite, Beijing + 5 Summit, 372; status offences 375; war on drugs, three strikes, you’re out” Truth in sentencing” 376; masculinity theory, opportunity theory, economic marginalization theory, chivalry theory, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” 385379; Women in Black, 386 -What changes have taken place in Spain recently according to your text and what impact has it had? -How has “politics” been traditionally defined? How have feminists defined it? What is meant by “the state” and what is included in it? -Your text describes a number of ways electoral politics are gendered. What are they and how do they impact women and men differently? -When did women in the US get the vote? What country gave women voting rights first? What country still excludes women’s vote? How do women and men compare in voting today in the US? What is the gender gap in voting? When was it first noticed?
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201+GW+study+guide+ch+10+the+state - Intro To Womens...

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