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Introduction to Women’s Studies Gendered Worlds, Study Guide Ch 11 “Popular Culture, Media and the Spectacle of Sports” Know the following terms: Legitimation 396; hegemonic masculinity, emphasized femininity 397; symbolic annihilation 399; gender stereotypes 400; sturdy oak, big wheel 400; “packages” of gender characteristics 402; cybergap 408; sexualization 409; objectified 409; “costuming for seduction” 410; self-objectification 411; hegemony theory, reception theory 412; “global intellectual hegemony” 413; “conditional self-worth” 418; manliness 419; Gay Games 421; Assimilationists, Reformists, 421; sportswoman 426; Title IX 426; internalization 430; ”woman athlete triad” 429 -What does your text mean by legitimation and how does it relate to the media? -what are the two dominant gender images on television? What were the findings of NOW about the media in the 1970s? How has it changed? What area do women dominate in television? Where are they concentrated? How is news reporting different for women and men? -What progress has been made in the television images of women? What stereotypes persist? What four criteria did NOW use in its study and what were its findings? What are the two key findings in the research comparing women and men in the media and how do they impact women? -What are the four categories of male characters in television programs?
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201+GW+study+guide+ch+11+media+and+sports - Introduction to...

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