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Introduction to Women’s Studies Gendered Worlds , Ch 12 “Religion” Know the following terms: Promise Keepers 438; Big Five 440; polytheist, monotheist 441; creation stories 442; in persona Christi , ordination, Qur’an, hadiths, 443; sharia, hijab 444; niqab, burqa 445; immigrant temples, convert temples, fundamentalists, 451; Muslim Brotherhood 452; evangelism 453; religious machismo, feminization of the American male 455; evangelical feminists 457; sutee 458; excommunication 459; stained glass ceiling 460; Mary Magdalene, goddess worship, dominator model, partnership model, 461; Wicca 462; Mothers Front 463; Catholics for Choice, Corpus, Dignity, Qubaisiate 465; revisionist, renovationist, revolutionary, rejectionist 467-68 -Who are the Promise Keepers and what did they argue about gender roles in the family? -According to the text, what role does religion play in societies? What are the dual contradictory roles religions plays? How important is religion n society today? How does the United States rank in comparison to other nations in terms of religious beliefs? -What are the Big Five religions today? What does it mean to be an Abrahamic religion and which religions are considered the Abrahamic religions? What is the oldest religion in the Big Five? -What are the two ways gender is expressed in religions according to your text? How do these beliefs show
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201+GW+study+guide+ch+12+religion - Introduction to Womens...

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