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Introduction to Women’s Studies Gendered World, Preface In the Preface, that authors list 5 principles the book is based on. Know the 5 principles and how they relate to Women’s Studies as a field. Chapter 1 Introduction Know the Following Terms : social factors, biological determinism, lenses, socially constructed, rainbow glasses, gender gap, intersectional analysis, default category, hierarchical, gender order, racial ethnic order, sexual order, patriarchal privilege, hegemonic masculinities, emphasized femininity, subordinated masculinity, agency. What are some social factors which the authors argue contributed to the gender gap in experience in the 2004 tsunami? The authors outline three basic assumptions about the subject matter covered in the book – What are the three assumptions? What is meant by biological determinism and how does the text challenge it? What do the authors mean when they talk about lenses and what perspective does they suggest instead?
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201+GW+study+guide+preface+_+ch+1-1 - Introduction to...

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