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WOMS 201 Online readings for Exam 1 Study Guide Fall 2011 1. Please note the date that Jo Freeman wrote her essay “The Women’s Liberation Front”. What are the conditions women faced at the time that she was writing, with regard to education and jobs? What reason does Freeman give for the differences between women and men? 2. Why does Freeman state that when women enter college their future is already determined? Why are the lifestyles of women “self- fulfilling prophecies”? 3. According to Freeman, what is the “women’s liberation movement” and what does it consist of? How do they organize? 4. In her essay Anne Fausto-Sterling argues there is a deep rooted dichotomy. What does she mean by this? What argument does she use to challenge this? What does she mean by “hermaphroditic Heresies” and what was the impact of this work? 5. In the essay about the Witterick family, Storm is unusual for what reason? How have people reacted to this? 6. In the essay by True Child, what are the three types of barriers studied to explain girls lower
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