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Introduction to Women’s Studies -- Exam 2 Online readings Study Guide -According to Pam Belluck’s essay, what are some of the recent finds related to contraceptives for men and what are some of the side effects of these new contraceptives? Why are these important advances? -In Rob Stein’s essay on heart disease, what are the differences between women’s and men’s heart attacks? What impact does it have on treatment for women? -What message did federally funded abstinence only programs provide to teenagers? How accurate are they according to Rep. Henry Waxman and how effective have these programs been?
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Unformatted text preview: -According to Acock and Demo’s essay how much have things really changed with family diversity and its impact on the division of labor? What do they mean by “within-gender versus between gender” and why is this important? What does the article argue is the key variable in explaining domestic labor? What conclusions does this article come to about the impact of increasing family diversity on domestic labor?-What is the Gender Violence Act and why is it so important?...
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