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Gendered Worlds Ch 3 “Socialization and the Social Construction of Gender” Study Guide Know the following terms: individual, interactional, structural, androcentrism, gender polarization, essentialism, stereotyping, role theory, functionalist paradigm, internalizing, sex roles, intersectionality, sex categorization, symbolic interactionism, socialization, doing gender, gender performance, achieved status, affixed status, drag, sex, sex category, gender , omnirelevant, microinequities, power, tokenism, gendered division of labor, social institution, agency, labeled, internalize, culture of poverty thesis, structuration -According to the text book, what are the three levels at which gender differences have been constructed? -What are the three gender lenses identified by Sandra Bem and how do they work? What problems does the text argue are raised concerning essentialist claims? -What are the theories presented by the text concerning the individual level of acquisition of gender differences? How have they been challenged?
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