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Introduction to Women’s Studies Gendered Worlds , Study Guide Ch 4 Sexualities Know the following terms: Vagina Monologues, compulsory heterosexuality, lesbian continuum, calling, dating, hooking up, double standards, sexual rights, hypersexualized, antimiscegenation laws, sexual identity, sexual orientation, “lesbian or bisexual chic”, bisexuality, biphobia, “down low”, pink triangle, effeminate, butch, lesbian baiting, homophobia, heterosexism, Matthew Shepard, heterosexual privilege, gay gene, social constructionist, social scripts, cultural scripts, interpersonal scripts, intrapsychic scripts, “regime of normalization”, performance, sex work, anti-porn, liberal feminist, pro-sex, globalization, human trafficking -What are the Vagina Monologues & how have they been seen as controversial? Why are people opposing them? -Your text explores sexual attitudes and behaviors from around the globe and clusters them into 4 groups. Which group is the US in & what are the attitudes of that cluster?
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201+study+guide+GW+Ch+4+sexualities - Introduction to...

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