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Intro to Women’s Studies- Study Guide Ch 9 “ Gender- and Race-Based Illness: Diseases of the Division of Labor” Know the following terms: weathering (308); medicalization (327); muscle dysmorphia, bigorexia, reverse anorexia (330); Roe v Wade Hyde Amendment, Planned Parenthood v Casey; Stenberg v Carhart; Webster v Reproductive Health Services; “partial birth abortion ban”; -According to the textbook, when it comes to health, do sex differences make a difference? Give three examples. - According to the textbook, when it comes to health, does race ethnicity make a difference? Give three examples. -Your text describes health and illness as social issues – what does it mean by this and how to they prove it? -What is the relationship between gender and life expectancy? What factors influence this relationship? -What is the Cuban Paradox and what message does it provide for other countries? -What does your text mean by stating that “gender “interferes” with the effect of these social factors”? Why is
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