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Introduction to Women’s Studies Gendered Worlds , Study Guide Ch 6 “Work” and Ch 13 ‘Gender and Globalization” Gendered Worlds , Study Guide Ch 6 “Work” Know the following terms: class action suit 174 ; Equal pay Day 178; glass ceiling, glass escalator 181; mentor 181, sticky floor, bias theorists, Equal pay Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 182; intent to discriminate, disparate treatment, disparate effects, 184; human capital, individualism, social structural, homosociality, 186; token, gender segregation 187; occupational sex-segregation index 188; job ladders 189; family wage, pin money 190; comparable worth 191; pension, Social Security 193; appendage 194; “good provider role” 195; feminization of poverty 196; sociability work 201; socialization theory, rational choice theory 203; feminist theory 204; gender factory 204; Structural Adjustment Programs, Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers, 205; Women in Development; Women and Development; Gender and development, 207, Women, culture and development 208 -According to the text, what is the largest private employer in the world and the largest corporation in history? What is the status of women within this corporation and what did they do to address this situation? What has been the outcome? -What does the text mean by emotional labor and how is this work gendered? How does the work of men and women differ regarding emotional work? How does this impact the jobs and the workers who do the jobs differently? -What is Equal Pay Day and what does it represent?
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201+study+guide+GW+chs+6+_+13+work - Introduction to Womens...

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