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Intro to Women’s Studies Study Guide Ch 7 Families Know the following terms: care work; Domestic Workers Bill of Rights; domestic partnerships; civil unions; Defense of Marriage Act ( DOMA) coverture; Married Women’s Property Laws; shared partnerships; mail order brides; marriage promotion; motherhood mystique; “othermothers”; motherhood penalty; “mommy wars”; Temporary Aid to Needy Families; “stalled revolution”; the rebels; the involved fathers; masculinity politics; pro-marriage; fragile families; elder care; informal care; sandwich generation; egalitarian partnership; neotraditional arrangements; maternity leave; parental leave; paternity leave; pro-family’ noninterventionist; breadwinner model; pro-natalist; egalitarian; no-fault; covenant; repudiation; cavalier homewreckers; bad divorces; gender neutral; spousal support; innovators; gender equality; gender equity -What does your text man by “care work” and how does globalization impact care work? What recent laws have helped care workers improve their professional status? -What does your text mean when it describes marriage is a legal contract and how has this impacted the challenges by gay activists?
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