Chapter 6 - Chapter 6: Research Validity 1. Research...

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Chapter 6: Research Validity 1. Research validity- truthfulness of inferences made from a research study 2. Statistical Conclusion Validity a. Validity of inferences made about the co-variation between the IV and DVs b. With every variation in the IV, there is a corresponding variation in the DV c. Statistically significant- observed relationship probably not due to chance 3. Construct Validity a. Extent to which a construct is adequately represented by the measures used in a research study b. Threats: b.i. Inadequate explanation of the construct b.ii. Experimenter effects b.iii. Participant reactivity to the experimental situation b.iii.1. Participants’ motives and tendencies that affect their perceptions of the situation and their responses on the DV b.iii.2. Participant effect: b.iii.2.a. Demand characteristics- any of the cues available in an experiment, such as instructions, rumors, or setting characteristics, that influence the responses of participants b.iii.2.b. Positive self-presentation- participants’ motivation to respond in such a way as to present themselves in the most positive manner b.iii.3. Conditions producing a positive self-presentation motive b.iii.3.a. If participants believe that others view their behavior as being determined by some external source not under their control, then the positive self-presentation motive is not aroused b.iii.3.b. Will exist in most research studies b.iii.4. Implications for research b.iii.4.a. Postexperimental interviews with participants help to identify how they viewed the situation and modify the conclusion if a problem is found b.iv. Experimenter effects b.iv.1. Actions and characteristics of researchers that influence the responses of participants
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6: Research Validity 1. Research...

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