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Chapter 9: Procedure for Conducting an Experiment 1. Institution approval a. Using animals in study- IACUC approval needed b. Participants- IRB c. Sample Size c.i. Power- the probability of rejecting a false-null hypothesis c.i.1. Want power to be high, of at least .80 c.i.2. Increases as number of participants increases c.i.3. As sample size increases, the cost in terms of both time and money also increases c.i.4. Power of a stat test determined by the alpha level, the sample size, and the effect size c.ii. Effect size- the magnitude of the relationship between two variables in a population c.ii.1. .1 small effect size c.ii.2.
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Unformatted text preview: .3 medium c.ii.3. .5 large c.ii.4. Alpha level of .05 2. Debriefing a. Postexperimental interview- interview with the participant following completion of the experiment, during which all aspects of the experiment are explained and the participant is allowed to comment on the study 3. Pilot study a. Experiment that is conducted on a few participants prior to the actual collection of data b. Run-through of the entire experiment with a small number of participants c. Can indicate whether the IV manipulation produced the intended effect d. Gives researcher experience with the procedure...
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