Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 History of Control and Punishment 1...

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Chapter 11: History of Control and Punishment 1. Corporal Punishment a. Inflicting physical harm on the body b. Torture b.i. Infliction of severe or prolonged pain as a method of coercion, revenge, and punishment b.ii. Long periods of solitary confinement c. Flogging c.i. Whipping c.ii. Used in punishing slaves d. Branding d.i. Used to show that criminals had been harshly and permanently punished d.ii. Identified criminals and prevented them from blending into the community e. Mutilation e.i. An eye for an eye e.ii. Liars tongues cut out e.iii. Stealers hands cut off f. Humiliation f.i. Stocks g. Shock Death g.i. Pretend to hang someone, but then let them go g.ii. Shocked into a life free of crime 2. Economic Punishment a. Galley a.i. French, Spanish, and Italians staffed naval fleets with prisoners who were shackled to their oars and made to row large vessels long distances b. Workhouses b.i. Workhouses for the poor became jails for petty offenders b.ii. John Howard- The State of Prisons in England and Wales b.ii.1. Crucial to the passing of the Penitentiary Act of 1779 b.ii.1.a. Addressed the living conditions of inmates, the need to make productive use of their labor, and humane treatment c. Exile and Transportation c.i. Transporting offenders into exile in far-flung colonies c.i.1. Rid the mother country of vagabonds and petty offenders c.i.2. Demand for the labor of the surplus population of mother country c.ii. Done by private contractors 3. Prisons in America a. Control in the Colonies a.i. Mass population, no separation because of offenses a.ii. Hard labor moved to behind prison walls
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a.iii. Walnut Street Jail a.iii.1. Housed men and women together
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 History of Control and Punishment 1...

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