Chapter 13 - Chapter 13: Corrections in the Community 1....

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Chapter 13: Corrections in the Community 1. Community Corrections in Context a. Goals of criminal justice system a.i. Incapacitation a.ii. Retribution a.ii.1. Punish offender for transgressions of the criminal law a.iii. Rehabilitation 2. Diversion a. Offenders can be diverted to alternative programs a.i. Programs based on labeling theory b. Popular with 1 st time offenders c. Complete program or community service offender released from supervision without conviction on record d. “stacking the deck”- programs with so many restrictions that clients are almost sure to violate some of them 3. Probation a. How the offender views probation a.i. As a lifeline- allows offender to remain at home or work, safe from prison b. How prosecutor views probation b.i. Win the case b.ii. Sanction that the prosecutor can point to as a victory c. Defense attorney c.i. Views as victory d. Judge d.i. Satisfies victims and citizens to some degree that the offender did not escape punishment e. Reformers e.i. Successful e.ii. Avoidance of harmful effects of prison f. Politicians f.i. against f.i.1. tough on crime stance f.ii. for f.ii.1. cheaper way to punish than prison g. Probation Officers at Work g.i. Investigation g.i.1. Presentence investigation (PSI) - report prepared by a probation officer to assist a judge in sentencing g.i.2. Bifurcated court process- US g.i.3. Collects legal history of the incident and the offender’s social history g.i.3.a. Legal history- offers judge two primary items to
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13: Corrections in the Community 1....

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