India - Final Exam Saturday December 17 at 5:05 p.m...

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Final Exam - Saturday, December 17 at 5:05 p.m. - Locations: Lecture 1: Last Names: A-Z: 3650 Humanities Lecture 2: Last Names A-K: 3650 Humanities Lecture 2: Last Names L-Z: 1111 Humanities - If you tend to ±nish early, please sit near the aisle - Approximately 75 questions (about 8 T/F, remaining multiple choice) - No short answer/essay - You will have 80 minutes - Will include a few forex questions, a couple of taxation questions - Some map questions (of top 60 countries by GDP) - No supplementary articles will be tested - Bring a non-programable calculator and a #2 pencil - Final course grades will be done by mid-week the week after - Delivery of Group Project grades India Source: CIA. The World Factbook - There are in fact many Indian markets - Diversity in languages, religions and ideals - Lack of national identity and coordination - Commerce and politics are focused locally/regionally - I do not claim to understand all of these different India’s India: Caveats
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- 1947-1985 time period featured post-Independence focus on - Swaraj - self rule - Swadesh - self sufFciency - ±ive year economic plans - Preference for government control over private activity in a centrally planned economy - 145 sectors controlled by government - Many through State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) - Some through “License and Permit Raj” beneFciary Frms - Some reserved for “small-scale” sectors - High levels of protectionism - Restrictive to foreign investments - “Hindu rate of growth,” averaged 3.5% India Yesterday India, 1991 - The Balance of Payments crisis - Chronic current account deFcit - External debt ~ $70 billion - India’s credit rating downgraded - The Gulf War - Oil prices up - Remittances are down - Loss of Middle-East markets for Indian exports - ±orex reserves down to three weeks’ worth of imports Bail Out Package and Reforms - IM± $500 million Structural Adjustment Loan in Dec ’91 - Two-pronged agenda: - Address immediate balance of payments crisis
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India - Final Exam Saturday December 17 at 5:05 p.m...

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