Regional_Economic_Integration - - Executive Summary: 2...

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Unformatted text preview: - Executive Summary: 2 pages. Please include your discussion section number, group number and a list of team members on your summary.- Presentation: 12 minute presentation to be submitted in advance along with the Executive Summary. You should also prepare for 3 minutes of Questions and Answers (Q&A) with the audience. Strict time limits will be enforced for both the Presentation and Q&A components.- Submit your Executive Summary (in Word format) and your Presentation Fle (as a PowerPoint 2003 compatible PowerPoint Fle. (i.e., .doc and .ppt. NOT .docx nor .pptx). Send Fles via e-mail to your TA. Mac users are advised to test their presentations on a Windows computer prior to submission to troubleshoot any graphics, alignment, or conversion issues. - Your e-mail subject line should read IB 200 Group Project for yoursectionnumber and group number - The Executive Summary should be attached as yoursectionnumber_groupnumber_ES.doc (e.g., 301_G4_ES.doc)- The Presentation PowerPoint Fle should be attached as yoursectionnumber_groupnumber_Pres.ppt- The deadline for submission of Fles is 11:59 p.m. tonight (Monday, Nov. 28)- Your TA will load your Presentation Fle from your e-mail submission and s/he will load that for you on the day of your presentation. Some tips for your group project presentations - Organize group so the person speaking can command the attention of the audience- Yes, we can see your small gestures to each other and hear your muttered communications. Practice transitions. One team your muttered communications....
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Regional_Economic_Integration - - Executive Summary: 2...

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