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Global Human Resource Management and Global Management Why this topic is important - Experience, knowledge and systems are vital, especially in service industries - Basic questions - What is the best organizational design to meet the frm’s strategy? - What are benefts, cost, opportunities and risks oF using expatriates, local country managers or a mix? - Managing global teams and projects are diFfcult as you have all the potential issues with domestic teams, plus cultural diFFerences, diFFerent time zones, hierarchies within organization, etc. Overview - Global human resource management - Organizational structures - DiFFerent approaches to staFfng policy - Expatriates - ±ailure rates and why assignments Fail? - Predictors oF success - Compensation - The role oF training, management development, and compensation practices For expatriates and those working on international projects domestically - Global management - Attributes oF successFul global leaders - Organized labor
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International human resources management - Process complexity increases across borders - Environmental differences: labor markets, culture, legal systems, economic systems - HR differences: compensation practices, labor laws, motivation issues, and the view of HR’s role within an organization StafFng and International Strategy StafFng Philosophy Strategy ±it Pros Cons Ethnocentric key overseas positions staffed by home managers International puts qualiFed managers in place creates global culture transfer of core competences local manager resentment cultural myopia immigration barriers costly Polycentric key overseas positions staffed by local managers Multidomestic alleviates cultural myopia inexpensive to implement limits career mobility isolates HQ from overseas subs Geocentric best for job gets it Global and Transnational uses HR efFciently builds strong global
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Global_Human_Resource_Mgmt - Global Human Resource...

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