Entry_Strategies - Course Business- Dont forget to purchase...

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Unformatted text preview: Course Business- Dont forget to purchase Colgate case from Business Copy Center- About one month until case materials due ( ~ three weeks if you want to be done before Thanksgiving).- Midterm: I will share approximate curve on Wednesday in lecture. You will receive your Scantron results and essay portion of the exam returned in discussion section this week.- You will have until next week in discussion section to submit an appeal if you would like reevaluation of a question/answer.- There is a short Global Marketing Advertising assignment due in discussion section this week. Please check course web site. Entry Strategies Entry strategies: basic questions- Enter which foreign market(s)?- A balance of beneFts, costs and risks- What are our core competencies?- When to enter these markets?- What scale should this entry have?- To how much capital do we have access?- Which form of entry should we use? Doing the pre-entry homework- Step 1: Identify basic appeal (secondary sources)- Total and per capita GDP/GNP; mortality, population and demographic Fgures.- Making sure that the potential market is not banned nor restricted- Access to labor, materials, etc.- Potential sources for information:- Government sources- U.S. Department of Commerce: - http://www.export.gov/mrktresearch/index.asp- International organizations- UN Conference on Trade and Development: http://www.unctad.org/ TEMPLATES/Page.asp?intItemID=1584&lang=1- World Bank Doing Business http://www.doingbusiness.org / - Trade associations and conferences- World Trade Centers: http://world.wtca.org/portal/site/wtcaonline Doing the pre-entry homework- Step 2: Assess National Business Environment (secondary sources)- Cultural issues- Government regulations, bureaucracy, political stability- Fiscal and monetary policies, currency issues- Cost of transporting goods- Country image- Potential sources of information:- Libraries have subscription to premium search and report services, such as Lexis-Nexis, Bloomberg, etc.- Resource Guide for International Business at business.library.wisc.edu - Potential market governments data, typically available from commercial and cultural ofcers at diplomatic posts. Conducting primary research: When you need specic answers Example: How much does the average citizen in Chile spend on clothing per year? Or, the wealthy citizens? Will new packaging please eco-friendly consumers in Europe? Would this change impact sales?...
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Entry_Strategies - Course Business- Dont forget to purchase...

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