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IB 200 Examination Instructions, Expectations and Honor Code You are responsible for supplying number two (#2) lead pencils. SIT EVERY OTHER SEAT in the exam room. Exams will be distributed once everyone is seated, but proctors may distribute SCANTRON sheets for you to begin filling out as you arrive. DO NOT OPEN EXAMINATION BOOKLETS UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. Read the instructions and each question carefully. Make sure you answer all the questions. Unanswered questions will not get credit. You may write on the examination booklet to work out problems. No additional scratch paper is allowed. The only items allowed on your writing surface: exam, pencil/s, non-programmable calculator and the SCANTRON answer sheet. No mobile devices on the writing surface--these items should be in your backpack/purse and turned off. Remaining time will shown on the chalkboard at 10-minute intervals and then the final five minutes will also be indicated. All EXAM BOOKLETS and SCANTRONS MUST BE TURNED IN
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