ForeignCurrencyIssues - Course Business Midterm Monday...

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Course Business - Midterm: Monday, October 24, at 7:15 p.m. - Room locations on web site--report to room assigned by your Last Name. - About 80 minutes, with two Subtests (A & B) - Subtest A - Scantron - 8 T/F questions; about 45 Multiple Choice questions - Subtest B - Written - About 8 short answer and short response questions - You will turn in your Scantron sheet and the Examination Booklet at the end of the exam. You will receive your results in Discussion Section, likely the end of the ±rst week in November. - Bring a non-programmable calculator - Bring number 2 pencils and erasers and your Student ID - Review the Exam Expectations and Instructions document prior to the exam - Foreign Exchange Worksheet Part II due this week in discussion section - Problems similar to those in both parts of the Forex Worksheet will be on the Midterm and the Final. Finish Commanding Heights Video - Questions: - What were the causes of the Asian Financial Crisis? - How is this Asian Financial Crisis similar to what has happened recently in the U.S.? - What does a drastically reduced currency value mean for citizens of that nation? For other nations? - Based on this video, what should nations be doing now to lessen the chance for similar crises?
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Foreign Currency Issues Part II Please bring a calculator to class. Managing Foreign Exchange Rate Risk
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ForeignCurrencyIssues - Course Business Midterm Monday...

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