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IB 200 Fall 2011 COLGATE’S EXPANSION - GROUP PROJECT Keep in mind that this project will take time to complete and no late submissions or last minute edits will be accepted. Consult with your TA and/or Professor Tuli as you work on your project, to make sure you are on the right track. Content: I. CASE PROJECT INTRO II. DELIVERABLES III. DUE DATES AND FORMAT FOR DELIVERABLES IV. GRADING V. TIPS I. CASE PROJECT INTRO You are a group of business consultants, who wants to sign a contract with Colgate. In order to do that you need to: 1. Present to Colgate top-managers the best way (business strategy) to enter a selected country. 2. During the presentation persuade Colgate representatives that your strategy is de- veloped exactly for the target market and that it is the best. Team 1, 2, and 3 presenting on December 1/2 nd will choose a country in Asia in which to expand. Team 4, 5, and 6 presenting on December 8/9 th will choose a country in South America in which to expand. (Note: more than one team can choose the same country.) With the increasing competition in the global market of oral health Colgate’s top management sees a need for further expansion into one of two overseas regions: Asia or South America. Management would like you to envision a new product (or customize one of Colgate’s existing products already sold in the U.S.) to meet the needs of consumers in one nation from the identified region (depending on your team number). Your business consultant teams are tasked
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Fall_11_Group_Project_Outline-1 - IB 200 Fall 2011 COLGATES...

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