Globalization - What is globalization Globalization Changes...

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Globalization What is globalization? “Changes in the density of global interactions relative to national ones.” - Chase-Dunn, Kawano, Brewer, 2000. “The expansion, concentration and acceleration of worldwide relations.” - Jurgen Osterhammel and Niels Petersson, “Globalization, A Short History” Terms Globalization of markets Globalization of production Foreign Direct Investment Factors affecting globalization Education Limited liability forms of business ownership Technology Growth in property rights, including intellectual property protection Diminishing restrictions on trade and investment flows Growing homogeneity in tastes Plus other factors…
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Rise and fall of globalization Globalization has periods of growth and decline; not a constant process Notable stops: - Great Depression - World Wars I and II - Now? - Mobility of workers, visas, passports and security A brief history of passports - Passports date back to about 450 BC. Nehemiah, an ofFcial serving King Artaxerxes of ancient Persia, asked permission to travel to Judah. The King agreed and gave Nehemiah a letter "to the governors of the province beyond the river," requesting safe passage as he traveled through their lands. - Under King Louis XIV of ±rance, these "letters of request" become popular. The letter was dubbed "passe port," literally meaning "to pass through a port." - Within 100 years of Louis XIV's reign, almost all of Europe had set up a system to issue passports. - Popularity of rail travel in the mid-19th century led to an explosion of tourism throughout Europe, and caused a complete breakdown in the European passport and visa system. In answer to the crisis, ±rance abolished passports and visas in 1861; other European countries followed suit, and by 1914, passport requirements had been eliminated practically everywhere in Europe. - World War I brought renewed concerns for international security, and
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Globalization - What is globalization Globalization Changes...

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