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Lit Trans 254 12/8 - Importance of this novel in relation to ongoing organized crime (Mafia or Camorra) - Watched Roberto Saviano interview regarding the implications of Gamorrah and his life now - In order to understand this book you need to go through a deep change to understand the culture and society. Crime is accepted. Schools, government, are all different. - Sandokan: filtered through narrative materials - Unusual to tell a story in the first person narrative and have them be unnamed - We become aware this is a boy somewhere in his teens and comes from castal di prinicipe (most notorious town for the Camorra). He is on the cusp of adulthood. He is still immature but on the road to maturity. About to have to make difficult
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Unformatted text preview: choices.-Almost all elements of Napels are somehow related to the mafia. Lots of people get money/loans from the camorra.-In Southern Italy you need a recommendation to get a job. Having a recommendation is very important and there is a culture surrounding it that is important to understand.-Difficult novel to understand because there are no punctuation that ensures we can make sense of the story. You dont know when one sentence ends and when one begins.-We cut up the sentences as we hear them and create our own punctuation-Wanted to cultivate the creativity of the reader by not giving a road map and figuring out where you want the book to go...
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