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IB 200 12.7 India - even Indians find it difficult to do business elsewhere in India. There are language and cultural differences based on location - various personal law. People find law that fits them based on their religion. o Ex: you cannot bring a weapon on a plane unless you are a Seek because it is customary to carry a sword with you - The ideals that were adopted when India was just beginning were to have a centrally controlled economy - Infrastructure will help to free up credit since people will be able to travel to banks more easily and there will be more banks for them to visit - People didn’t really have formal identities, no identity cards - People only go to one bank, they have no social security card or way to track
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Unformatted text preview: credit so you can’t just switch to a new bank. This is changing though. -India is working to provide an identification system and move away from a cash based economy.-Right to information act – gives reporters the right to ask a government official any question. It has helped to create an air of accountability which didn’t exist before.-FDI is declining compared to China-FDI goes into service, computer, telecom, and real estate/housing sectors-FDI DOES NOT go into manufacturing sector-Indian markets shut down as protest days after Walmart announced they would invest in multibrands within India -Government suspended their decision to open up the FDI from Walmart-...
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